Monday, February 14, 2011

Housing: Clean Out the Spiders and Throw Out the Junk!

Housing: Clean Out the Spiders and Throw Out the Junk!

Setting the Stage to Sell your Home

Realtors love clean houses!  Homes that are neat, tastefully decorated and clutter-free are dream properties.  A well-tended yard, clean windows,  and trimmed shrubs showcase your home and form the first opinion a Buyer makes about your property.  You know what they say about first impressions – you never get a second chance to make one.  Homes that are well-presented generally sell faster and for higher prices than homes that have been neglected. 

Making your home more appealing to Buyers is more important than ever.  You are competing with a much larger real estate inventory today and you need to pull out all the bells and whistles to make your place shine. 


Exterior Attention

  • Lawn:  Your yard should be neatly mowed, raked and edged
  • Trees/Shrubs:  Pruned and shaped
  • Flowers:  Window boxes or pots with seasonal flowers add interest
  • Yard Clutter:  No bicycles or toys
  • Sidewalks/Driveways:   Swept and washed
  • Painting:  Repaint or touch-up as necessary
  • Doors/windows:  Doors and windows should be in good working order.  Clean and paint doors if necessary, wash all windows and replace any broken or cracked panes.
  • Roofs/Gutters/Downspouts:  Check for loose or missing shingles.  Clean out gutters and downspouts

Interior Attention

  • Appearance:  Check for peeling paint, and consider replacing unusual or bold colors with neutral tones.  Clean all carpeting and area rugs,  linoleum, tile and wooden floors.  You may want to consider refinishing your hardwood floors if they are worn and dingy.
  • Aroma:  Leave the impression you want to make – a clean-smelling home, free from pet odors, cooking, smoke, etc. that may affect potential buyers.
  • Bathrooms and Kitchen:  Spotless, sparkling – stem to stern
  • Clutter:  Organize closets and leave the floors and shelves as clear as possible;  Basement and attic should be cleaned and organized; Garage cleared, swept and washed with tools, garden equipment, bicycles appropriately stored. 
  • Decorating:  Arrange your rooms to appear more spacious, remove excess furniture from rooms that are too crowded, clear off surfaces and store some of your knick-knacks. 


You’ve worked diligently to prepare your home and it’s shining like a new penny!  Your Realtor will love it, and so will the Buyers!

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