Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Decatur Homes Financing Tips

As financing becomes more complex, many Decatur home buyers are mystified by the lending process.  Atlanta Decatur Homes advises Buyers to find a good, professional lender who knows their stuff, someone who can anticipate any issues that may arise and walk you through them.  We can also recommend our favorite lenders, who are professional and experienced.
Here are a few questions to ask your Lender:
  • Lock-ins are important when rates are rising – ask how long the lock-in period runs and whether you can get a lower rate if rates drop during the period’
  • Ask whether you will be required to pay Private Mortgage Insurance (and ask them to explain PMI to you)
  • Ask whether there are any pre-payment penalties for paying the loan off early
  • Ask if they will be servicing the loan or if it will be sold to another company

Decatur and Emory homes sell more quickly in the early Spring and Summer when Dogwood blossoms line the streets, and Azaleas trim almost every yard.  It’s an uplifting time of year – a great time to buy a home!
Once you’ve found the perfect home in Decatur and have AtlantaDecaturHomes Lendernegotiated a good price, be aware that the house still   has to Appraise for the market value of the property.  Your lender will send an Appraiser to the home to inspect the house and neighborhood and make an estimate of value, based on the sales of comparable homes in  the area.  All lenders require an appraisal to determine how much they could recover by selling the house if you should default on the mortgage loan.
Atlanta Decatur Homes is a local real estate company, representing Buyers and Sellers in the Decatur, Emory and Atlanta neighborhoods for over 25 years.  We also offer professional Property Management Services. Originally posted  on Atlanta Decatur Homes Website on 5/22/2016.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Decatur - A Walkable Eventful City!

Decatur is located less than 8 miles from Downtown Atlanta and approximately 2.5 miles from Emory University, Emory Hospital, Eggleston Children’s Hospital and the Center for Disease Control.  Decatur is a small City with major civic participation, local Police and Fire Departments and a renown School System.
Neighborhoods around Decatur contain renovated older bungalow-style homes, well-kept lawns, parks and sidewalks.  It has a vibrant, friendly atmosphere and many residents live close enough to walk to shops, restaurants, and frequent downtown events.  Annual events for Decatur are organized by the Decatur Business Association and other civic and educational organizations.  It’s a rare week when some activity is not available for residents and visitors in the downtown area near the Square.
During the month of May, Decatur sponsors Blue Sky Concerts at noon on the Square and Concerts on the Square on Saturday evenings at 7 p.m.
lantern-parade-group-photo-Beate SassPerhaps the most attended event is the upcomingDecatur Arts Festival, held on Memorial Day Weekend, and celebrated throughout the month of May. A recent Lantern Parade, associated with the Arts Festival and held in the evening,  featured an exuberant gathering of adults and children with homemade lanterns, hats and parasols strolling through the darkened streets.
On Memorial Day Weekend, the main Decatur streets are blocked to traffic, and a bustling crowd gathers to enjoy a diverse Arts Festival featuring over 150 artists, dance performances and music.DArtsTables
Another popular annual event is the Decatur Beach Party, held June 17, sponsored by the Decatur Business Association – a ticketed event with  lots of sand, games and music.
Atlanta Decatur Homes is a local real estate company representing Buyers and Sellers in Decatur, Emory and close-in Atlanta neighborhoods for over 25 years. We also offer professional Property Management Services. (Originally posted on Atlanta Decatur Homes Website on 5/15/2016)

Medlock Park - No Commute Emory Neighborhood

While Emory commuters from outside the Atlanta Perimeter are gathering their children and rushing to their cars, homeowners in placid Medlock Park are still snoozing, or enjoying a second cup of coffee.
As North Decatur Road, the main conduit to the Emory community (Emory Hospital, Emory University, Eggleston Children’s Hospital, the Center for Disease Control ) creeps with traffic, many Medlock Park residents walk, bike or catch an Emory Shuttle Bus to work in the area.
Medlock Park residents are also fortunate to have nearby shopping centers with grocery stores, restaurants and shops, including a new Walmart, the DeKalb Farmers Market and soon to open Sprouts Market. There is also a Medlock Park with walking trails and playgrounds in the area.  It’s one of the most affordable and convenient neighborhoods in Atlanta, located less than 8 miles from downtown Atlanta and approximately 18-20 miles from Atlanta Hartsfield Airport.
During the past year, 26 homes have sold in the immediate Medlock Park area, ranging in price from $245,000 to $473,000 and averaging 25 days on the market.  Medlock Park properties come on the market and go very quickly, often with multiple offers.
If you are fortunate to be a successful buyer in this desirable location,  you too may enjoy a second cup of coffee while others are contemplating the car in front of them.
Atlanta Decatur Homes is a local real estate company, representing Buyers and Seller in Emory area neighborhoods like Medlock ParkDruid Hills, and close-in Decatur and Atlanta for over 25 years.  We also offer professional Property Management Services.
Originally published 5/14/2016 on Atlanta Decatur Homes Website

Friday, May 13, 2016

Do You Need a Property Manager Near Emory?

During the past several years, rentals have almost surpassed home ownership in popularity, particularly in the Atlanta and Decatur neighborhoods near Emory University.
While rental growth has leveled off nationwide, rents have continued to rise in close-inAtlanta areas, jumping 3% from December 2015 to January 2016  for a 1-bedroom unit. In addition, the housing market has been hampered by a severe lack of inventory, causing a flood of “would be buyers” to seek rental possibilities.  Increased demand in desirable areas near Emory, downtown Decatur and Atlanta has also led to higher rents and fewer available properties to lease.
A recent article by Phil Hudson in the Atlanta Business Chronicle indicated approximately 32% of renters in Atlanta are designated “millenials”, ages 18-34, who are young adults that can’t afford to buy or don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of owning.  They are attracted by the flexibility of leasing, including mobility to move when necessary and by the services provided by Landlords or Property Managers.
With the increase in the number of people moving into the rental market, it is important for Owners and Managers to maintain good records and provide excellent service.
Atlanta Decatur Homes is a local Property Management Company, representing properties  located in the Emory, Druid Hills, and Decatur neighborhoods.  One of the complaints we hear most often from prospective renters is that the Manager and/or Owner is not responsive.  Here are a few tips that may help:
  • Screen tenants carefully
  • Get it in writing
  • Handle security deposits judiciously
  • Make repairs as necessary
  • Give notice before entering
  • Buy adequate Insurance
Emory Property Manager
If you would prefer to live your life and focus on other priorities, Atlanta Decatur Homes will maintain your property and keep your tenants happy. We have years of experience and know the Emory Decatur neighborhoods well.

Originally posted on Atlanta Decatur Homes Website on 5/12/2016
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Medlock Park - Popular Decatur Neighborhood

Reasonably priced homes located within close proximity to Emory University are not staying on the market long.  In fact, the average days on the market for nine properties that have sold since January 1, 2014 in the popular Medlock Park area is 41 days!
Homes in the Medlock Park neighborhood located just 2-3 miles from Emory sell between $150,000 and $270,000.  There are currently 14 homes for sale and 16 pending sales since the beginning of the year.
MedlockparkareaMedlock Park is an area surrounded by convenient restaurants, grocery stores, shops, and the vibrant downtown City of Decatur is only a few miles east.
The neighborhood also contains Medlock Park, a lively complex with playgrounds, swimming pool, and an incredible 2 mile walking and bike path; plus the fabulous Shepherd Nature Preserve.
The Medlock Park area is a close knit community with an active neighborhood association.  Prospective home buyers will enjoy the convenient location accessible to all activities, reasonable home prices, and congenial neighbors who walk their dogs, work  in their yards, and supervise their children at the local parks.
If you would like to be part of this special neighborhood, contact Atlanta Decatur Homes, a local Atlanta real estate company, selling homes in Atlanta, Druid Hills, Decatur, Medlock Park, Morningside, Virginia Highlands and Tucker neighborhoods for over 25 years.  We also offer professional Property Management.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why Owning Residential Rental Property Still Works - 2014

The Atlanta real estate industry is finally beginning to see signs of recovery.  In fact, the National Association of Realtors announced that the real estate market overall made a “robust” recovery in 2013. This may be the best time to own residential Rental Property.


Our local multiple listing service, FMLS, indicated that properties sold in the Emory area and the City of Decatur increased by 60% from 2012 to 2013; that properties were selling closer to list price; and were on the market about 30 days less than in 2012.

The sale of Foreclosures and Short Sales has affected a large portion of the metropolitan Atlanta area during the past 4-5 years, but that inventory is dissipating, and the influence of major investors picking up distressed housing has almost disappeared.  There are, however, still some decent properties available for local investors who are looking for rental income.

ForRentPastelHere are a few predictions for the 2014 real estate market that could influence a healthy rental market for investors.

1)  Interest rates are likely to rise –More will be renting.

2)  Home prices will also rise – More will be renting.

3)  Many homeowners who lost homes through foreclosure and short sales will not be able to purchase another home for some time. – More will be renting

4)  Zillow reports in an article dated December 30, 2013 by Jennifer Chan  “that home ownership will fall below 65% in 2014, the lowest since the mid-1990’s.  The easy lending standards we saw during the housing bubble led to higher-than-normal homeownership, and in the recovery we’re seeing ownership rates normalize.”  More will be renting

5)   Chan also highlights another issue impacting the decline in ownership by Gen-Y-ers who are renters.  “This group is the next generation of homeowners, but they’re seeing high unemployment and low wages”.  More will be renting

6) Chan also indicates that “rising home prices will encourage Americans to move, but to less expensive areas where housing is more affordable.  Metros like Houston, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta and Portland will see a growth in residents”.  More will be renting

Atlanta Decatur Homes is a local real estate company selling homes located in Atlanta, Decatur, and Emory University neighborhoods for over 25 years and offering professional property management for homes in the Emory area.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Emory Point - Neighborhood Retail Addition

Construction for a new retail and mixed-use development called Emory Point has been developing during the past year along Clifton Road near Emory University, and its opening has been anxiously anticipated.

Emory Point is now open and features an attractive main street with shops like Strippaggio, carrying artisan oils, vinegars & specialty foods, Fab'rik, and Lizard Thicket, as well as popular local restaurants like Bonefish Grill and Marlowes Tavern.

While not all facilities are open yet, CVS Pharmacy, Jos. A. Bank Clothiers and Ann Taylor Loft, plus a dry cleaner are open for business and 21 shops and restaurants will be available when the project is completed. Limited parking is available along the street with credit card payment, and free 2-hour parking is available in he present parking deck. There are plans for an additional parking area when the complex is finished.

Originally envisioned as a major condominium and shopping environment by Cousins Properties, partnering with Gables Residential, the project was delayed due to the economic recession. The residential aspect has been altered to offer leasing options instead of condos. Gables Emory Point is a luxurious apartment development with dozens of available floor plans, an elegant Club House and Business Center.

Located across the street from the Centers for Disease Control and surrounded by Emory University Campus and the Emory Healthcare complexes, Emory Point is within walking distance for employees in the community and easily accessible by Emory's free shuttle service, the Cliff bus. It should prove a popular lunchtime and evening destination for Emory area neighbors as well.

Atlanta Decatur Homes is a local real estate company serving buyers and sellers in the Emory, Decatur and Atlanta in-town neighborhoods for over 25 years.