Thursday, February 17, 2011

For Atlanta Children - Of All Ages

For Atlanta Children–Of All Ages

Someone sent me a list about How to Stay Young that included the following advice:

  • Keep only Cheerful friends
  • Keep Learning
  • Laugh Often
  • Cherish Your Health
  • Tell the People You Love that you Love them – at every opportunity
  • Play with Your Children


Popular Places to Entertain Children in Atlanta

  1. The Center for Puppetry Arts -a unique and magical experience for children and adults to explore the wonder and art of Puppetry.  Check out the Jim Henson Exhibit and the Create a Puppet Workshops.


  1. Fernbank Museum of Natural History -  enjoy this opportunity to explore the story of Georgia Natural History with 16 galleries, plus theaters and dioramas, including the IMAX theater.  Fernbank has many interesting exhibitions that explain the history of some of the largest dinosaurs ever found, which includes several  full-scale dinosaur replicas.


  1. The Georgia Aquarium – View a wide diversity of sea creatures, including whale sharks, manta rays, and Beluga Whales, at this modern Aquarium which contains the world’s largest 6.3 million gallon Aquarium Exhibit. 


  1. Stone Mountain Park – one of the largest examples of granite in the Southeast covers 585 acres and offers a wide variety of activities, which include a scenic 1940’s railway locomotive that circles 5 miles around the base of the mountain and a Swiss cable-car ride that affords a fantastic view of the famous Confederate Memorial Carving.  The carving on the side of the mountain encompasses 3 acres and memorializes Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and “Stonewall” Jackson.  There are picnic grounds, grist mills, walking trails and paddle boats, as well as regular annual events like The Yellow Daisy Festival.


  1. Zoo Atlanta – one of the oldest cultural institutions in Atlanta and home to the Giant Pandas, where LunLun’s latest cub was recently named “Po”.  Visit the Asian Forest to see the largest collection of Orangutans in North American, the Petting Zoo to see pigs, goats and sheep, the African Rain Forest Exhibit to see Gorillas, and the African Plains Exhibit to see Giraffes, Zebra, Lions and Elephants.

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