Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Year - New Resolutions!

Ok, here I am again trying to make some senisble changes:
  1. Get up earlier
  2. Get some exercise - take the Dog
  3. Develop Social Media and Website
  4. Stay in touch with Clients
  5. Volunteer
  6. Cut down on sweets - eat sensibly
  7. Study and research the Stock Market
Knowing myself and my inclinations, January will be a very energetic month, when I will clear out the kitchen, buy only healthy vegetables and lean meats.  I will walk the dog twice a day and only cheat occasionally with my Chocolate stash.  Emails and letters will fly out the door and I'll burn the midnight oil researching stocks, posting comments and updating my website.

About mid-February, I'll be bored with my new diet, and lazy about walking the dog.  It will be too cold or rainy or I'll be tired from getting up so early.  Chocolate will begin to reappear in the form of brownies or coffee ice cream with Chocolate Sauce.

This is about the time when I decide what I'm really serious about.  And I'm serious about growing my business and learning the stock market.  I'm also serious about volunteering in some way.  These are my true Resolutions, and at year-end I want to look back and say they were accomplished.  Perhaps I'll feel guilty about not walking the dog as much, sleeping later, and eating too many sweets, but it won't keep me up at night.

May 2011 be a properous, healthy year, and may your true Resolutions be achieved!

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